Taking fish pictures

I am barely able to take acceptable pictures of the family so I am starting from zero knowledge of this subject. Luckily, there are a lot of fish photographers willing to share their knowledge. Here is one of them.

Alf & Anita’s Killi Page ,

It seems easy until you try to do it. Especially with my “Point and Shoot” camera but I Angelfish white 6
don’t think poor tools is the only reason. Amazingly, my daughter takes much better pictures of the fish with her cell phone than I can with the camera. She is simply better at it.

Since the light is low and I can’t use the built in flash due to the reflection from the glass, slow fish such as angel fish are easier. To do fast moving fish, I would need a lot of light or a detached flash that shoots at an angle so the reflection isn’t visible.

I have learned to pay attention to the things surrounding the fish that detract from the picture…. and even seemingly mundane things like cleaning the glass.


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