I have only kept a few species of these. The first were four Trichopodus leerii, the Pearl Gourami. These are a great looking fish but I had zero success in breeding them. Yes, I did have males and females but the males just weren’t interested. I gave up after a while and auctioned them off.

Later I got some Trichopsis  vittata, (Croaking Gourami.) I put them in a 20 gallon tank and ignored them for a few months. When I finally got around to cleaning the tank I found it filled with juvenile fish. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to try too hard.

These are pretty fish in there own subdued way. The eyes are iridescent blue but the rest of them is brown with some darker brown lateral stripes. I keep them in a group but they are constantly fighting and the fins show it. Also shrimp wont last long in their tank.

The common name really describes what they do….which is make croaking sounds. Not as loud as a frog but the same sound. I wonder how they do it?


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