I recently have been raising a few angelfish. The fist ones were from around 40 fry given to me by an acquaintance who raises them for sale. The were a strain called “koi” which have a combination of orange, black and silver coloration on their bodies. I kept the best pair and gave the remainder back.

I traded them for a nicer pair of angel fish which you see in the top picture. They have had one successful hatch in a community tank with some killies which must prove how good they are at protecting their babies. I prefer to let the parents raise the fish. I believe the fish that survive are stronger since the weak ones are culled out by nature. In the interest of raising a greater number of the white angel fish however, I removed the killies to another tank.

As I am writing this, (3/3/14), I noticed that they are laying another batch of eggs. Way to go fish! Keep up the good work!



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