I sometimes ask myself, “Why are you going thru the trouble of making a blog?” I think it is important for you to know why so you can separate my speculation from what I know, (or think I know.)

I learn a lot from writing about fish which, to me, is a huge multilayered puzzle. Writing forces me to prove everything I say, (at least to myself .) You may have found that a lot of “facts” you find are really opinion. It’s what works for one person but not for another. The internet multiplies this many times over due to the large amount of copied content found on many web sites.

Everything you find on this site will either be my work or the author identified. That not to say that I am always correct. Question everything I say and let me know so I can learn. This site is NOT about the only way to keep fish, but just how I do it. I’m sure there are better ways to do everything and I would be glad to hear of them. I haven’t been doing this all that long, so I have a lot to learn

Not to sound too gloomy, there are a lot of gems buried in that sea of BS. A lot of them are careful observations that may need to be proven but deserve a lot of thought. I have included a list of links on the “Link Page” of sites that I found useful.

I have a particular fondness for killifish and cichlids but would like to keep all fish. I have space limitations so the variety is smaller than I would like. I suppose most tropical fish hobbyists have the same problem.